What is sandblast and where is it used?

What is sandblast and where is it used?

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What is sandblast and where is it used?


The word sand means sand and blast, meaning blasting and throwing.

Sandblasting is said to throw sand and gravel at a very high pressure.


Modern sandblast applications in the glass industry:


  • Logo on glass : brand design and company logo on the entrance door and glass panels
  • interior design
  • Building facades and security doors
  • Bathroom glass panels


How to sandblast a design on a glass?


First, it is designed with design, layout, or logo design, and then sent to the plotter device and is assigned the label on the label, and then placed on the glass after being sandwiched on the glass.

Finally, after the sandblasting process, the glass is free of any sand and washed and transferred to the installation site, after removing labels on the glass and removing the design on the glass.

It is noteworthy that the use of sandblasting glass, in addition to its beauty, reduces the fingerprint on glass and does not show dust on the glass.

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