Familiarity with a variety of glasses, how to produce and use it

Familiarity with a variety of glasses, how to produce and use it

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Understanding the types of glass, how to produce and use it:

1.  Color glass: Glass is produced by adding and lowering the glass material and dipping it into molten colored material, which is most often used in shop windows, exhibitions, laboratories, industrial buildings and residential buildings with special design. they are going.

    2-     Fire-proof glass (Pyrex): This type of glass is very resistant to heat and is used for doors in the heater and stove, as well as in laboratory and kitchen applications.
3. Copper glass Tile: This kind of metal is made of glass with the addition of metal nails, and more often used for entrance doors, workshops, engine rooms and elevators, and wherever there is a risk of glass breaking and collapse.

4.    Double glazed glass: this type of glass is composed of several glasses placed side by side that we are filled with air and due to heat insulation, cold and sound in many buildings such as airports, Hotels and hospitals.

5.    Safety glasses: these types of glass are very resistant to impact and thermal shocks, which is why the most in-store stores, glass doors and car window windows are used.

6.      Unbreakable glass: These types of glass are made up of two or more layers of glass that are bonded to the sheets of transparent nylon under heat and pressure, and when fused, it prevents glass particles from spreading due to the elasticity of the nylon. . This kind of glass is used in cars and shops with luxury and expensive goods.

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