History of Venetian mirrors

History of Venetian mirrors

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History of Venetian mirrors

The production of Venetian mirrors dates back to the 15th century, which was made by Venetian famous craftsmen and artists. The artists moved to Italy’s Murano Island to hide their way of constructing this type of mirror, and the government took care of the production of this industry to keep its assets fully secure. Professional glassware first melted tin in a glass pan; as soon as the tin was cooled, tin was broken into pieces and used to produce mirrors. Factors such as the Italian silica, the salt water, the type of heat, as well as the hard wood of the Murano forests used to burn in the quality and quality of Venetian mirrors were very effective.

Two points in the production of these mirror types are noteworthy:

1-  Adding a gold plate to the original glass creates unparalleled luminosity in these mirrors, thus protecting the Venetian mirrors forever.

2-  Other secret and secretly hidden mirrors manufacturers can refer to the “Latino” process. Latino was said to be semi-translucent lilac glass. This technique used to lead the glass to become stained with the use of this process to breathe fresh breath in the Venetian mirrors.

Most Venetian mirrors were custom-made for royalty and noblemen with different tastes. However, with all the security care, people from Germany and Italy acquired mirror manufacturing techniques and mastered the production and fabrication of mirrors.


The advantage of the Venetian mirror

Regarding the application of the mirror in the home, which is very common, the speciality and uniqueness of the Venetian mirrors, which will never be eliminated, has become a factor in the use of these types of mirrors that are produced in various designs and styles in decoration Houses and workplaces have created a very attractive and chic atmosphere.

Disadvantages of the Venetian mirror

Unfortunately, the high price of Venetian mirrors lowers the purchasing power of this style.

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